6 Weirdo Mashup Instagram Accounts We Love

6 Weirdo Mashup Instagram Accounts We Love

This month we’re focusing on creative collisions. Nowhere is the potential more ripe for weird collisions than on the internet and specifically social media. Here are some of our favorite weirdo mashup, creative collision Instagram accounts to follow.

1. @Tasteofstreep

Do you like snacks? Oh, you do? Great! 
Do you also like 20-time Oscar nominated actress Meryl Streep? Of course you do. 
Why wouldn’t we put two of the best things that this planet has to offer together into a tour-de-force of bright colored photoshopped glory? Viola, Tasteofstreep. Eat your heart out. 


2. @Drakeoncake 

As if she weren’t busy enough, phenomenal baker and cookbook author @joythebaker is also the brain behind @drakeoncake. It’s exactly what you think: drake lyrics decorated onto lovely cakes. 

3. @Foodtypography 

Danielle Evans, also known as @marmaladebleue, unites food and design into beautiful compositions. She’s done tons of brand work, notable quotes, and simple beautiful letter designs. But she also dabbles in pop culture creating “kanyegg”photos: Kanye West lyrics done “over yeezy”... with eggs. 

4. @subversivecrossstitch

Yep. This is exactly what it sounds like. And it’s awesome. 



5. @Troll_Cakes

Troll Cakes is another wonderful cake-based internet confection. They bill themselves as a “Bakery & Detective Agency.” Here’s what they do: 1. Find hateful internet comments. 2. Put them on a cheerful, delightfully homemade cake. 3. Send them in a box to the troll who wrote it. It comes complete with a screenshot of their original comment and a little note with the flavor of the cake. Trolling at its finest. 

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6. @Kennethbedwards

This photographer captures stunning images of ballerinas in unlikely places. The juxtapositon of grace and delicacy with industrial settings and unpolished costumes is refreshing and sometimes jarring. 

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