3 Instagram Trends Dominating 2017

3 Instagram Trends Dominating 2017

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1. Previewing your newest post on your Story to drive engagement.

I get it. Engagement is declining across the board and people want to encourage their followers to go and engage with their posts. But a lot of people are abusing this tactic. I’ve seen a few people do it artfully or in a way where they’re providing value (like Beth here asking people to leave their questions). 

However some people just get too thirsty for likes and comments, and post “new post! Go like and leave a [insert emoji of choice]!” I won’t put anyone in particular on blast, but if you’d stop, that would be nice. It just feels spammy and desperate if you do it too much. 

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2. Slideshow posts with almost identical photos.

I’m assuming that people do this because a) they can’t decide which photo to post so they just post all two or three of them, and b) to encourage people to spend more time engaging with your post, since they will inevitably spend a little more time swiping through the multiple photos. I’m not a huge fan of this, and I would never use the carousel function for that, but you do you boo. 

3. Building on your Story so that each tap animates your still images.

A lot of people are doing this thing where they almost make a stop-motion out of their story by taking advantage of the tap to skip function. You start with your base image, and then build on it, adding a new element in each segment. Sometimes you’ll be prompted to tap to experience this content unfold, and other times you won’t realize it’s happening until you’re trying to click through and see the rest of someone’s story.

It’s kind of hard to explain in words, so here's an example.

It’s smart because it forces people to engage with more of your story segments, and it’s just more fun. I haven’t seen anyone do a full blown stop motion on Instagram stories yet, so that would be a unique idea to explore. 

Have you used any of these tactics? Are there any other trends you've noticed amongst people you follow? Send us an email at snapfluence [at] snapfluence.com and we'll add it to this list!

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