10 Inspiring Sites to Spark Your Creativity

10 Inspiring Sites to Spark Your Creativity

10 Inspiring Sites to Spark Your Creativity

It’s no secret that inspiration is a key ingredient to quality content. But when you create content for a living, you tap into the inspiration well pretty frequently and you may notice it running dry.

One of the most frustrating feelings is sitting and staring at your computer screen, or at your canvas, or through your camera lens, and feeling no sense of direction. Content creation is significantly more enjoyable when the spirit of inspiration lifts you up and carries you along. Since it never feels good to force a piece of content, here are 10 websites that can replenish your inspiration well when you’re stuck in a creative dry spell.

1. TED Talks

The TED tagline says it all: “ideas worth spreading.” These awe-inspiring talks are sure to wet your inspiration whistle. Browse and search for talks on specific topics, or check out their blog to explore the world’s newest ideas.


2. Medium

According to founder Ev Williams, Medium is “a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and making it better.” Medium is a platform on which a diverse array of writers and creators share their stories and perspectives. You’ll find commentaries on current events, uplifting stories, troubling stories, how-to’s, musings on dating, musings on life, resource round-ups, and more.


3. Swissmiss

Swissmiss is a beautifully curated design blog by Tina Roth Eisenberg, who also happens to be the founder of CreativeMornings. Swissmiss highlights stunning photography projects, thoughtful quotes, and Friday “Link Packs” a.k.a. posts with a long list of links to interesting articles, tweets, products, videos, etc.


4. Buzzfeed

You may associate content giant BuzzFeed with “procrastination nation” more than creative inspiration, but there’s something to be said for how successful BuzzFeed’s content is. Look to their content types (like quizzes and image-driven roundups) as inspiration for your own new content styles.


5. Baubauhaus

Baubauhaus is a collection (or a “garden”) of visual content, ranging from design and illustration to photography and fashion. It’s almost a super trendy, slightly eccentric Pinterest. Founders and curators Stefan Lucut and Andrei Don even warn “what is cool for you could be uncool for us.”


6. This is Colossal

Colossal is a blog dedicated to the arts and the various aspects of visual culture. Entries feature photography, animation, painting, street art, architecture, design, and much much more. Colossal is a treasure trove of visual inspiration with coverage of countless clever, beautiful, and innovative projects.


7. Reddit

The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” reddit houses an overwhelming volume of content and user engagement. But tapping into special interest subreddits-- like Content Creation or Writing Prompts-- will serve up plenty of creative fodder.


8. Pinterest

Contrary to what you may think, Pinterest is good for more than DIY crafts and wedding planning. Collect visual inspiration for your different projects on individual mood boards, with content types like infographics, photography, and graphic quotes. You can also collect inspirational images from other websites, using the URL to pin them to your boards. So if the other websites listed here provide plenty of inspiration but you want to keep track of it all in one place, Pinterest has your back.


9. It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That seeks to champion the most exciting creative content online and in print. From film, to illustrations, to branding, to typography, It’s Nice That shares meaningful and thought-provoking content. Similar to Swissmiss, It’s Nice That also produces a weekly series called Best of the Web that rounds up some of the coolest things on the interwebs each week.


10. Designspiration
Designspiration is like a more curated version of Pinterest-- everything is design-related and you can save your favorite images into collections. You can search by keyword and motif like Pinterest, but the coolest feature is that you can search by color or color combination. So if you’re looking for higher brow graphic design, photography, and typography inspiration, Designspiration is a goldmine.


Where do you seek inspiration when the creative juices stop flowing?


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