Loose Films + Columbus Book Project

Loose Films + Columbus Book Project

Loose Films + Columbus Book Project

Documenting the Making of a Local Arts Encyclopedia 

Loose Films was brought on to The Columbus Book Project team beginning in May 2016. The film production collective documented behind-the-scenes moments for each section of the book and also created videos exclusively for the e-book release.

Loose is also serving the Project by creating a Kickstarter campaign video to garner support for print publication. The Columbus Book Project and Loose Films collaboration is grounded in the two groups’ mutual goal of bringing together passionate creatives from diverse local backgrounds all in an effort to create something beautiful and beneficial for the community.

The Columbus Book Project is a 250-page coffee table book highlighting local artists, photographers, designers, hairstylists, and others in the arts. The book will feature photographs, prints, and articles centered around Columbus, OH fashion, artists, landmarks, trends, and visual arts. The aim of the project is to both foster and represent the vast and varying cultures of Columbus with visually compelling works of local art.

Here’s a peek of some behind-the-scenes footage Loose Films shot on location during the creation of the book:

We can’t wait to see more from that Savannah-themed shoot!

What local arts initiatives do you think we should know about?

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