MeetKvell: Inside the Surreal Studio of Kvell

MeetKvell: Inside the Surreal Studio of Kvell

"KVELL: To beam with pride and pleasure."

Anyone who has worked with Adam Rosenberg and Dalit Saad knows this feeling well. They're behind some amazing brand collaborations including Harry's and Hershey's TAKE5. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the big personalities behind Studio Kvell to learn more about how they create these technicolor masterpieces. 


1. Kvell has such a unique, and frankly weird, aesthetic. How would you describe the Kvell visual brand?

Kvell's visual brand is defined by bizarre and beautiful imagery with a visual twist. Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari are our inspiration. We have a little obsession over their twisted surrealistic visual narrative for the magazine they produced called Toilet Paper Magazine.


2. How do you come up with concepts? And how do you then select and execute? Walk us through your creative process.

We kickoff the project by learning and understanding our client’s business objectives and target audience to discover key insights. Based on the key insights, we come up with concepts that are ownable, disruptive, and engaging. Once the concepts are locked in, we begin the production process and work with photographers and videographers to bring the concepts to life. We always strive to create content that is artful and doesn't feel like an ad. Most people scroll past ads on Instagram, but there's a good chance they'll like or share a beautiful piece of art.


3. You guys have created some brilliant and unique branded content. What have been some of your favorite brand collaborations and why?

We’ve been very grateful to work with brands that love creating creative content. Some of our favorite collaborations include Target, Harry's, Western Digital, and Hershey’s because they’ve allowed us to create content with their products in unexpected and artful ways.

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