Catharsis: Super Satisfying Instagram Accounts

Catharsis: Super Satisfying Instagram Accounts

Catharsis: Super Satisfying Instagram Accounts

If nothing else, the internet is for taking a relaxing, hypnotic break from the daily grind of work and stress. Here are some super satisfying accounts to follow if you want to zone out by watching people make all kinds of things really well.

1. @Sweetambs


Timelapse videos of the craziest cookie decorating you’ve ever seen.

Beer cookies, you guys.

2. @_leslie_vigl_


Cakes iced right before your eyes. Some get turned into potted succulents, some are whole pineapples or giant sushi rolls. Amazing transformations from a blank cake slate.

Hypnotized by icing stripes. And that smoothing tool is really dreamy.

A video posted by Leslie Vigil (@_leslie_vigil_) on

3. @ianbarnard


Super satisfying real-time videos of typography/calligraphy on an iPad Pro. There is one where he writes with a red pepper and it looks better than the best handwriting of everyone in our office.

No, you're golden Ian.

4. @seblester

More realtime calligraphy videos. This guy is a master of straight, block letters.

Yolo is right, so spend as much time as possible watching this dude make block O’s.

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

5. @torfus_copenhagen


Eric throws pottery in timelapse. It’s gorgeous.

It’s so gratifying to watch the changes move from the bottom to the top.

6. @david_art


Watch him create full works of art with pastels and colored pencils. Think Bob Ross satisfaction without the wait.

So. Much. Blending.

We know we missed some magical person turning wood on a lathe or something... so let us know who we missed. What hypnotically satisfying Instagram accounts do you follow? 

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