Meet The Instant Collective

Meet The Instant Collective

Meet The Instant Collective

31 Photographers Sharing Their Lives Through One Account

Domiziana Suprani decided to found The Instant Collective at the beginning of 2015.  “I was already part of a community of photographers, in which I met many people who shared my view about photography. With them, we organized meetings and we even invited photographers from other parts of Europe to come to Italy so we could learn their approach to photography.”

Some of those very guests ended up becoming members of the collective, like Laura Kok, Julie de Waroquier and Cat Lane.

“I wanted to create something special with our photos and our way to see the world, and at the same time I wanted it to be easy for them to commit to. Instagram was the perfect media for my purpose, because it allowed me to easily share pictures in any moment, so it could be doable for all of them to find the time to participate, even in the busiest weeks.”

The collective has a simple ethos. “We strongly believe in simplicity. Art should be a medium of expression rather than a burden.” Suprani found that many other artists found this message appealing and were looking for a challenge. “We share a similar artistic view and we all liked the challenging idea of applying it to the limited functionality of phone cameras.”

The collective now has 31 photographers who each share a photo monthly on the page. Each artist creates photos exclusively for the account and those photos usually remain exclusive to the page forever, but always for the month they are posted. Sometimes the collective will host guests, like the month they dedicated to sharing only content from guest food photographers.

So who are these artists?

Suprani says that many of the members are professional photographers, shooting fashion, weddings, and portraits. Some of the members are students studying photography.  Suprani started the group with personal friends and then expanded. “We have members from all over Europe! Most of us are from Italy, because I am Italian and I picked people I knew personally: for example, people from Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Bologna. However, we also have photographers who live in Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Utrecht, Berlin, Bristol and Stockholm. We also had guests from other parts of the world, and we are all into travels a lot so we frequently share pictures from different countries.”

Below you can find some of the photographers currently and formerly involved with The Instant Collective:


Former members: @catlanephoto Cat Lane & @krisseh Kristian Knudsen

Big thanks to Domiziana Suprani for sharing her story with us- you can follow her at @fragilethings_ and @theinstantcollective!


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