Worldwide InstaMeet 2016

Worldwide InstaMeet 2016

Worldwide InstaMeet 2016

Taking the virtual world to the streets

Social media was designed to bring people together, to eliminate the physical barriers that keep people from meeting and interacting with each other. In this way, social networks have helped revolutionize the way that information and ideas are shared worldwide. But we can get caught up in our web lives and forget about the power of interacting in person. InstaMeets are a great way to take relationships formed online and turn them into deeper friendships over a group challenge or, in this year’s case, a shared meal. We love the idea of a group coming together to create and share beautiful images. So does Instagram.

Worldwide InstaMeet 2016: #wwim14🍴


Instagram has chosen a theme for this year’s Worldwide InstaMeet and it’s tasty. This event, 14th in the series, will focus on food.

Over the weekend of September 17--18, the world will gather to share photos of everyone’s favorite thing to instagram-- their food! There are a few ways to get involved: arrange your own instameet, attend one in your city, or spread the word about the event. You can find #wwim14🍴 meetups near you here.

If you arrange or attend an Instameet make sure to tell Instagram about it. 

We’re excited to see how the recent changes to the platform (like Instagram stories) will be used in real world meetups like this one. Also-- we love the knife and fork emoji in the tag! 

Will you be participating in #wwim14🍴?

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