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 Want to work with brands
but don’t know how?

How To Land Brand Partnerships is a 7 day email training course that shows you how to tackle the entire process, from pitch to project conclusion. Learn how to land those brand collaborations without hiring an agency or signing up for an influencer network. 

We've compiled our best insights from our time on both the influencer + marketer sides of the industry to help you secure brand partnerships on your own. 

If you’re a social media creator ready to monetize your accounts without selling sleazy fit teas or wrist watches, this course is for you! 



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Join the 370+ creators who have taken this course! Here's what they're saying about How To Land Brand Partnerships:

"It was a really great and informative course! It was very well thought out and you talked to us in a relatable way."  -Karen Lao, @karen.lao


"Can I just say these emails from Snapfluence makes me so happy! Love all of the info that you are providing." -Vincent Carabeo, @alohacrabs


"I think what was most valuable was getting feedback and access to your team's expertise."
-Dennis Li, @thedennisli