Free Tools: Trello

Free Tools: Trello

Free Tools: Trello

What is it:

Trello is a free online project and task management tool. 

Cheaper/easier/quicker than:

Workzone, TaskWorld, Wrike, Podio.

Why you should use it:

Designed for the visually and tactilely inclined, Trello utilizes the Kanban method, in which you can visualize workflows. Set up a series of columns that represent a progression of phases (e.g. Idea>>Drafting>>To Be Edited>>Ready to Publish>>Published), create “cards” or “sticky notes” for different tasks, and drag and drop them into the appropriate column as you make progress. Trello is extremely versatile-- you can collaborate on boards, and you can set them up for anything from event planning, to social media management, photo shoot coordination.


Trello Power-Ups allow you to integrate a variety of other applications, like Google Drive, Evernote, and MailChimp. 



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