7 Content Creation Hacks

7 Content Creation Hacks

7 Content Creation Hacks    

Creating a steady flow of new visual and written content is no easy task. We’ve talked before about what to do when creative juices run dry, and now we’re back with 7 more ideas. 

1. Newsjack.

One of  Social Studio Shop 's more recent pieces about Stories.

One of Social Studio Shop's more recent pieces about Stories.

Keep up with industry news and share your own perspective on current events. This encourages dialogue and engagement, and there are always new headlines to riff off of. For example, in recent months Instagram stories have been a huge headline, and everyone was coming out with their personal takes on it. Some talked about how they were remaining loyal to Snapchat, some talked about why they preferred Instagram Stories to Snapchat, and others, like Social Studio Shop, shared resources to help people make the most of Instagram Stories. 

2. Repurpose, repurpose, and repurpose again. 

No, we don’t mean copy and paste the same piece of content across platforms. We mean find ways to expand upon, boil down, and spin off of past pieces of content. Turn a successful Instagram post into a series. Create a sequel to a high-performing blog post. If you ran a giveaway, write a follow up tutorial on “how to run your own giveaway.” Round up and share an analysis of your best ever tweets. Opportunities are endless. Here’s an anecdotal example: after our “How To Create a Compelling Media Kit” piece received a lot of love and responses, we took the cue and decided to /follow up with the piece “Here’s What A Great Media Kit Looks Like.”

3. Ask your audience.

If you have an engaged audience, ask them what they want to see more of and what questions they’d like to have answered (See #1 on this list of engagement strategies). Analyzing your social media stats can help you identify what you’re already producing that audience likes, but asking them could yield some brand new ideas you never would have thought of yourself.

4. Curate.

Pull together roundups on all sorts of topics, and format them as lists. You see us doing this a lot (*ahem* like right now), partly because it’s fun, and partly because people go batsh*t crazy for lists since they’re easily digestible forms of content. A few roundup prompts to get you started:  

  • My 10 Favorite  _____
  • 5 Must-Use _____
  • Best of _____
  • My Birthday Wish-list
  • What I’m Reading
  • 7 _____ Tips
  • Creators I’m Crushing On
  • I Do These 5 Things Every Morning
Snapfluence list articles

5. How To’s.

Think about all of the cool and useful things you know how to do. Now write How To tutorials on them. Boom. Browse our Resources section for inspiration (you’ll find pieces like “How To Switch to an Instagram Business Account” and “How to Curate a Killer Snapchat Story”).  

6. Downloadables & printables.

Don’t just give your audience things to read and images to look at; give them worksheets and checklists that they can fill out themselves. Think about how you can make the content you share more actionable. This would be a great piece of sequel content to a How To post. For example, Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee has created several workbooks and exercises to help her audience identify and streamline their own style and create a more conscious closet. 

7. Day-in-the-Life Photo Essay

You know that spread in Us Weekly magazine, “Stars-- They’re Just Like Us!” ? This is your own personal version. Your audience looks at you like a celeb, and they love to see what your normal everyday life is like. Snap some photos throughout the day then write some commentary. Bring your audience behind the curtain and show them that your life isn’t all glamorous photoshoots and fancy lattes. Show them the work that goes into producing content and building a brand, and if applicable, selling products or services. 


Are we missing anything? Shoot us an email at snapfluence (at) snapfluence (dot) com with your best content creation hacks, subject line "Content Hacks".

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