Free Tools: Evernote

Free Tools: Evernote

Free tools: Evernote

What is it:

Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking application that syncs across devices. 

Cheaper/easier/quicker/better alternative to:

OneNote, Google Keep, Simplenote

Why you should use it:

Evernote is a phenomenal tool for taking, organizing, and sharing notes. Seamless syncing across devices allows you to access and edit notes at any time from multiple devices, so if you’re out and about and a brilliant idea for a new piece of content comes to you, you can create a note which you can come back to later on your laptop once you’re home. Tagging and folder (or “notebook”) systems allow for clear and easy organization, even for the most disorganized of us. You can upgrade to paid accounts for more storage space, more device syncing capabilities, and a few other features.


You can set reminders attached to notes, which could be helpful if you’re dealing with deadlines. Additionally you can collaborate on notes with other Evernote users.

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