How To Craft a Better Instagram Bio

How To Craft a Better Instagram Bio

How to Craft a Better Instagram Bio

Whether you like it or not, your Instagram bio speaks volumes. You can share all of the beautiful photos in the world but still fail to resonate with your current and potential audience. For many potential followers, your bio is their true first impression of you, so what you say matters. 

Your bio should pack a punch. The goal is to convey your brand and purpose in as few words as possible. You want people to read it and say “um, I NEED to be friends with this person. Yes, I’ll subscribe to their newsletter, and duh, I’m gonna check out their latest blog post.” 

So how do you make that happen? Here’s how. 

Your profile photo should be a photo of you. 

Not your logo. This is step 1 to gaining credibility, likability, and relatability. People want to see who is behind the photos, especially if you aren’t regularly posting photos of your face. Tieghan from @Halfbakedharvest pretty much only posts gorgeous food photos, so showing her face in her bio is key. 


Put something other than your name in the name box.

You may or may not have realized this, but you can put whatever you want in that space intended for your name! If your name is already in your handle, don’t waste that valuable space on repeating what your name is. And even if you do need (or want) to put your name in there, make use of the remaining characters (you have 30 to use in that title line). Try using that space for your job title or identifiers. 

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hand lettered design


Format wisely.

Formatting in Instagram can be a bitch. If you type spaces or line breaks directly into a caption or bio on Instagram, that formatting will not appear once your bio is live (this applies to editing on the desktop version of Instagram too). The trick is to write and format your bio in your notes, then copy and paste it into Instagram. Additionally, don’t be afraid to throw some emojis in-- they help break up text and add more personality. Plus, you can convey even more meaning through the visuals, like Tim did. 

tim melideo



Include your email address.

If you’re open to partnerships with brands or collabs with other creators, include your email for easy communication. Someone may come across your profile and be interested in featuring you or collaborating with you, but not willing to go digging for your email on your website-- if you have the space available in your bio, then make the hurdle as low as possible for people to contact you regarding opportunities. 

karen lao
blake von d


Try using a CTA to encourage click-through.

If you want to feature a link to your latest product release or newest blog post, try adding in a line to generate interest and call people to click on the link. The key is that you demonstrate in just a few words the value you’re providing on the other end of the link. Your aim (as with any of your marketing) is to make people relate to a common struggle, pain point, desire, or feeling, and then tease some content that will solve their problem or help them achieve their goals. And voila! They’ve now clicked through to your site. 


If you have a branded hashtag or another account, include it.

This immediately highlights an opportunity for followers to become more directly engaged with you and your community. The hashtag encourages people to browse through the hashtag stream or use the hashtag themselves, and tagging your other accounts allows for easy cross pollination of followers. 

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eryn erickson


Wait, that was a lot of different things we just told you to put in your bio. And surely you’re thinking now, “how the hell do these people expect me to include my brand values, email address, CTA, and a branded hashtag into 150 characters?!” Don’t worry, we don’t. Pick and choose some of these elements and come up with a formula that works for you. Try different things and see how it affects your engagement. 


So now you know how to create a kickass bio. Ready to put your profile to work? Learn how to land brand deals now.

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