Free Tools: Death to Stock

Free Tools: Death to Stock

Death to the Stock Photo

What is it:

Death to the Stock Photo provides free high quality stock photos by email every month.

Cheaper/easier/quicker alternative to:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock
  • Outsourcing photographers

Why you should use it:

DTS’s authentic content puts traditional stock photos to shame.  No need to stress and struggle through the process of buying or creating enough images that fit your vibe. Simply choose your favorite photos that arrive in your inbox or browse through themed packages of photos dubbed “recent projects.”  If you still want a little extra, sign up for a premium membership.  Funds from premium memberships fuel creative projects around the country that yield more content and keep the community of creativity flowing.  


For additional inspiration, join Death to Stock’s Writer’s List.  You’ll receive a prompt in your inbox weekly and have the option to share your work with an ever-growing community of other writers.  

Read the story behind Death to the Stock Photo here!

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