Beginner's Checklist to Social Media Engagement

Beginner's Checklist to Social Media Engagement

Beginner's Checklist to Social Media Engagement

If you’re reading this then you very likely already understand the importance of a robust social media engagement strategy. But what about how to actually make it happen? There’s a whole sea of articles out there about “boosting your engagement,” “social media engagement tactics,” or “growing your audience.” Generally, these kinds of articles cite strategies that have worked for particular brands-- but those strategies don’t always successfully carry over to other brands. It can be confusing to wade through noise and find clear, straightforward guidelines for fostering engagement on social media. So we’re here to provide the bare-bones beginner’s checklist to social media engagement.  

Create high quality authentic content.

Be real, be creative, and be helpful. People love to see the human behind the social media account so your content should reflect your authentic self/brand. Your content should also add value to your followers’ lives--don’t make them feel like you’re constantly selling something to them. Share beautiful and thoughtful content that educates, inspires, and/or provides opportunities. Visual content is particularly successful, so work on your photography and graphic design skills if you’re lacking. No body wants to look at blurry or grainy photos. 

Post with consistency.

Be consistent with branding, language, and posting frequency. Your style should be recognizable, meaning that if people see your content shared elsewhere they immediately think of you and your brand. Additionally, you should be sharing on social media regularly so that when your followers come to your page there’s consistently fresh content. 

Acknowledge and engage with your followers’ comments and posts.

Promptly like and respond to your followers’ comments and posts. Don’t treat social media as a platform for one-way broadcasting-- engagement is two-way. Listen to what your audience has to say. Thank them for their support. Resolve problems that they bring up. Ask them questions. Follow them back. Retweet their tweets and share their ‘grams. Do what you gotta do to make them feel loved. After all, you are nothing without them. 


Now go forth and build brand awareness! 

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