5 Ways to Use Instagram's New Polls

5 Ways to Use Instagram's New Polls

Users of all kinds are rejoicing over Instagram’s new polling function. Whether you’re asking for feedback from your audience on the sort of content you’re producing or simply asking your friends what movie you should watch tonight, people are having all kinds of fun with it. Though it can be used to ask sillier questions, this new feature present a fantastic opportunity for data collection. Here are 5 ways you can put Instagram polls to work.

1. Gather feedback on what your audience likes to see.

Ask what topic your followers want you to talk about in your next Live video, or which themes they like to learn about from you in your captions or blog posts. You can always ask people to comment or DM you to let you know what they’d like to see, but offering a quick poll in your story has an even lower barrier to engagement. You’ll likely find that more of your followers vote on a poll than would comment on your post, so take advantage of this to guide your content planning! 

2. Do market research. 

Ask for feedback or preferences on your products and services. Find out what your audience likes and doesn’t like, what they need or desire, what they’re struggling to find resources for, etc. Allow your followers to help shape your future offerings and they’ll feel more invested in you and your work-- ideally leading to more conversions!

3. Collect demographic data. 

Things goes along with doing market research but I think it deserves its own explanation. If you’re trying to find some more meaningful demographic data that you can’t get from Instagram Insights or a third party analytics platform, Instagram polls offer a great way to collect that data. You can find out roughly how many of your followers are local to your area (if it’s a lot, maybe you’ll want to host a meetup or partner with a local brand for a campaign), or how many have families (if it’s a lot, perhaps you’ll want to pitch yourself to some family oriented brands for sponsored content), or how many have pets (you get the picture by now… this is a powerful tool to prove your fit to brands and show them that you have a captured audience that they should want to get in front of). 

4. Crowdsource opinions for mundane decisions.

This is a fun way to just generate some engagement and interact with your followers. Ask if you should order pizza or thai food for dinner. Or ask which of your dogs they like better. Or which spooky movie you should watch tonight. Have fun with it! There’s zero pressure. 

5. Identify your most engaged segment, and engage back.

In the wake of all of Instagram’s algorithm changes, engagement as a two way street has become more important than ever. If you want to show up on other people’s feeds, it helps if you’re actively engaging with their content. Look at who is participating in your polls and go out and like and comment on their posts. Make them feel VIP for being in your inner circle of followers. 

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