Tips for Being in Your Own Photos

Tips for Being in Your Own Photos

Maybe you’re frustrated by low-quality photos that others are shooting for you. Or maybe your IG Husband is threatening to call it quits if he has to shoot even one more photo of you in front of that amazing background. Maybe you’re making an effort to be in more photos so that there is some record of your existence… 
Any way you slice it, we hear from influencers that being in front of the camera can actually be quite a technical challenge. 
Sometimes you just need to be in the photo-- for example, shots for a clothing brand. What do you do? 
Here are some solutions, each with pros and cons, for you to consider:

The Basics

Tripod + Timer

  • Pro: you can manage all of the settings and take the photo the way you want it taken 
  • Con: some angles or shooting locations might be off limits with this approach

Hire a Pro

  • Pro: you’ll get the quality that might be lacking from training a friend or asking an “IG Husband” to handle the shots for you
  • Con: you gotta spend money to make money

Other tips:

Seek help

Bring along a friend to act as a stand-in for shots with a tripod so you can frame them up exactly how you’d like. Then you just need to ask them to hold the button. 

Sneak peek

Some wifi enabled cameras allow you to preview the shot on your phone so you can see exactly how you’ll look before you commit. Often you’ll be able to use your phone as a remote to capture the shot as well. 

Get grounded

If you don’t want to deal with a tripod, find somewhere to prop the camera. This could be on a nearby table or rock formation, or even on the ground for an interesting angle. 

Team up

We often hear about photographers planning meetups at interesting locations to shoot. If you’ve got two pros in one place, you can team up for mutual benefit instead of exchanging money, you can make it a more social and reciprocal arrangement. 

Advice from Pros

Kristin (Be My Travel Muse) is a notorious solo-traveler but she doesn’t let that stop her from being in her photos. She’s got lots of info on taking stealthy selfies, including her sneaky use of a wide-angle lens to look further away from the camera than she actually is:

“My wide-angle lens is my big secret. It’s how I get so much into the frame without having to run a mile away from the camera in order to look small in the photo. Yes, it is expensive, but it’s the lens I use almost every time, and I love it!”

Anna (Anna Everywhere) suggests many innovative ways to take photos of yourself. She recommends getting many shots for the price of one by using burst mode-- increasing the likelihood that you’ll get a good take: 

“Burst mode is a camera setting that allows it to take lots of photos in a short time. How many depends on your device, but even an iPhone can take 10 frames per second! You’ll have more photos to go through when choosing the right one, but I think it’s worth it!” 


What are your tricks for being in your photos?

Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash


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