5 Social Media Strategies You Can Implement in 2 Hours

5 Social Media Strategies You Can Implement in 2 Hours

If you read our content, odds are that you’re trying to grow your social media presence, maybe your end game is to land brand partnerships. That’s easy to talk about, but we always want to stress that there is no magic bullet. Growing a legitimate following will take time and energy, there’s just no way around it.  We know that’s frustrating to hear and you’re looking for actionable steps to keep you encouraged and hustling. So, here are 5 tactics you can start in the next 2 hours. Or you know, first thing tomorrow morning… 

Figure out what is working

Do you ever take the time to look over the posts you’ve made and determine what is working (and what’s not working)? If not, this is crucial to increasing your followers and your engagement rate with content. Maybe you love posting selfies, but does your audience love it when you post selfies? The data will tell you. Reviewing your post performance will help you tailor your future content to earn the highest engagement.  Learn more about what metrics matter and how to calculate your engagement rate here

Make some new connections

You can’t expect to grow if you’re not willing to engage with people. This doesn’t just mean fostering great conversations on your own feed, it also means interacting with other people’s content. Try to find 5 new creators in your content area to follow. If you post about rock climbing, go find 5 new rock climbers or nature photographers to follow. Then you can start interacting with their posts and building new relationships. Odds are high that they’ll return the favor (as long as you’re being authentic and not spammy. Get outa here with your “follow for follow” message). 

Find some new hashtags

One of the best ways to get people to discover your content is through tagging. Check out some of those awesome new people you started following to see if they are using any tags you weren’t hip to. If you’ve ever had the nightmare misfortune of searching a popular brand name as a hashtag, or maybe a national holiday, then you know the total garbage that gets swept together under those umbrellas. Find hashtags that are hyper-relevant to your content niche. 

  • Here’s a recent tag cloud from one of our favorite lifestyle content creators @Karen.Lao on a photo of a coffee shop: 

#vsco #vscocam #vscogrid #vscophile #vsco_hub #lifestyleblogger #styleblogger #dallasblogger #visualarchitects #finditliveit #pursuepretty #peoplescreatives #artofvisuals #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #darlingdaily #postitfortheaesthetic #thehappynow #darlingmovement #coffeeeee #igaustintexas #coffeeshopcorners #coffeeshopvibes

  • Here’s one from @_____halle__ , a body-positive creator, on a video discussing eating disorder recovery and empowerment: 

#bodypositive #loveyourself#EDrecovery #bopowarrior #selflove#nobodyshaming #bopo#anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery#empoweredwomen #girlpower#bodyacceptance #feminist #realcovery#riotsnotdiets #unapologetic #realme#everyBODYisbeautiful#cellulitesaturday#eatingdisorderawareness #EDadvocacy#standup #confident#SelfLoveBootcamp #edwarrior

Give your new friends a shoutout

Brands use user generated content (UGC) to help them look cooler and do a better job of engaging their audience. You can do it too. Select one of those new friends you made and a piece of their content that you really admire or that fits the theme of your account real well and repost it.  Be sure to ask their permission and ALWAYS tag them for credit. Tagging them is kind of the whole point, because it allows you to borrow on their credibility and, who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor. 
The body positive community is totally brilliant at this-- they’re always mentioning each other, supporting each other and reposting each other’s photos. 

Don't just shout... have a conversation

So the whole crux of growing your social presence is to create a meaningful community of people engaged around a shared topic. Engaged being the keyword. You don’t get to just throw content out, tally up the likes, and then ignore it forever. If you’re lucky enough to have someone care enough to comment on something you made: Answer them!  Additionally, you can’t be that friend who will only hang out when people come over to your house. You gotta visit them too. Follow your engaged followers and interact with their content too. It’s not just to be nice, either, it helps you both. Interacting with the posts your fans are sharing helps strengthen your relationship with them and also increases your visibility to their network.

There you have it. 5 tangible things you can implement right now to propel yourself towards your goal of increased followers and engagement. Already got these ones down pat? Trying to gain brand attention? 
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