8 Creative Uses for Instagram's Slideshow Feature

8 Creative Uses for Instagram's Slideshow Feature

Instagram is adding features at breakneck speed and it can certainly be hard to keep up. Some of us may be resistant to change, but if you're ready to embrace the new new, here are 8 unique ways to utilize the slideshow feature.

1. Tell a story or recap an event.

Share an entire story in a sequence of images, or a collection of photos from one particular trip or event (now you don’t have to spam your followers with a bunch of posts from a single event).

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2. What I ate in a day.

Foodies used to post this sort of thing on their blogs or snapchat stories, but the carousel is the perfect opportunity to showcase several high quality food photos from your full day of eating.

3. Showcase the macro and micro details.

If you’re a style blogger or an interior decor creator, share your full outfit and then the little details, or a photo of your entire living room and then up close shots of your favorite details. 

4. Step by step tutorial.

Take your followers step by step through a makeup or crafting tutorial, right on Instagram. No video editing necessary! 

5. Before and after photos.

Instead of creating photo collages to showcase your before and after photos for your home renovations or body transformation, share them in a slideshow. 


6. Display a listicle or collection. 

Put together a list of your top 10 favorite doughnut shops or 5 best travel hacks, or showcase an entire new collection or line of your products. 

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7. Highlight your followers.

If you like re-sharing some user generated content from your followers, put together a slideshow of some of your favorites from the week. 

8. Panoramas.

If you’re a nature photographer and it kills you to crop your photos, try sharing wide frame photos like a panorama, split into 2-4 smaller images. 

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