7 Instagram Mistakes You're Making and How To Fix Them

7 Instagram Mistakes You're Making and How To Fix Them

We’re given a lot of freedom on Instagram. With that freedom, a lot of us make mistakes. But we’ve got your back. Here are 7 Instagram mistakes you may be making, and how to fix them.

1. Your branding is stale or inconsistent. 

Over time, we as people and businesses evolve, as does the world around us. It’s crucial that you stay true to yourself, but it’s also important that your brand is constantly evolving and growing so that you can stay relevant and serve a need or desire. It’s also wise to be aware of your peers or competitors-- if your niche becomes saturated, find ways to stand out. If you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown your brand or that it needs a facelift, consider doing a little rebrand. 

2. You’re posting too often.

So you’re at an event or you just had a super dope photoshoot, and you have several photos you want to share… I get it. But instead of spamming your followers with post after post, make good use of the new slideshow feature to share an album of photos from one project or event!

3. You’re posting spammy ads. 

If you want to build and maintain trust with your audience, you need to be choosy about the brand deals you take. Brand alignment is important, as is creative freedom and collaboration. If a brand is feeding you copy to post, this is a big red flag. You should be creating original content using your own voice and conveying your own experience. Check out why this creator works with brands for a better understanding of how to approach sponsored posts authentically. 

4. You don’t disclose sponsored posts. 

We won’t beat around the bush: this is illegal and the FTC is and has been cracking down on brands and influencers alike for failures to disclose paid partnerships. See our guide Disclosures: The Art of Covering Your Ass for a full rundown on how to appropriately disclose, and read this to stay informed on the FTC's recent crackdown. 

5. Your bio sucks.

Your bio should be clean and concise. Your bio + your most recent 9 photos are what potential followers will look at when making their initial assessment of your page. So if your bio isn’t conveying anything that people can connect with, you should fix that. Here’s how. 

6. You’re posting the exact same type of content over and over again.

Your branding needs to be consistent, but you’ve got to keep your content fresh. If you’ve been sharing the same old photos and captions, consider shaking things up with some cinemagraphs, hyperlapses, or other less common types of content. 

7. You’re posting the same things across platforms. 

Each platform is built for different types of content. Don’t reshare all of your Snaps on Instagram, and don’t share all of your Instagrams to Facebook. Identify a unique purpose for each of your channels, and tailor your content to the individual platform.


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