5 Digital Photo Organization Applications

5 Digital Photo Organization Applications

We taught you some organizational tips in Digital Photo Organization 101, and we're back with some of your top options for cloud and desktop applications to aid your photo storage endeavors. The more storage locations, the better. We suggest backing your files up on an external hard drive in addition to one or a combination of the following. Weigh your options based on your storage needs, budget, and organizational preferences. 


Several photo storage applications offer editing capabilities, but none as powerful as Lightroom. While not as intuitive for organization purposes, the ability to do all of your editing and organization in one place is pretty priceless. See here or here for some tips on organizing photos in Lightroom. $10 per month for Creative Cloud, or $149 for a perpetual-license on the current version. 


Mylio is kind of like the Evernote of photo organizing. You can store and sync all of your photos across devices (desktop, phone, external hard drive, laptop, etc.) You can link Mylio up to Lightroom, Facebook, Flickr, or iPhoto, so that Mylio “watches” your folders and automatically syncs when you add new images or edit existing ones. Subscription plans start at $50. 

Google Photos

Google Photos offers free lifetime unlimited storage which is pretty darn miraculous. The catch is that it’s only unlimited for compressed photos; any photos over 16 megapixels will count towards your 15GB storage limit. The automatic uploader ensures your photos are backed up in the cloud, and the application automatically sorts your photos based on places, people, and things— no tagging necessary. Free for a basic account. $1.99 per month for an additional 100GB or $9.99 for 1TB of storage if you need to store higher resolution images. 


Traditionally thought of as a photo sharing platform, Flickr actually functions quite well as a storage and organization application. 1 terabyte of free storage is quite generous, and the organizational functions are pretty robust. Upon importing, Flickr will preserve your local folder structure so things stay organized. The built in community + analytics are a bonus. Free for a basic account. $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year for Flickr Pro (ad free browsing, Auto Uploadr, stats, and Adobe discounts). 


If you’re looking for bare bones cloud storage, Dropbox is your best bet. With a free account you only get 2GB of free space which you’ll blow through fast in images, but $100/year for a terabyte of space isn’t too shabby, especially with Dropbox’s ease of use and organization. Plus you can utilize the remaining space for anything, not just photos. Free for a Basic account. $9.99 per month or $99 per year for Dropbox Plus (1TB of space plus some additional features).


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