3 Ways Freelancers Can Optimize Their Efficiency

3 Ways Freelancers Can Optimize Their Efficiency

Today Sally Keys shares 3 key technologies freelancers can and should utilize to improve their work efficiency.

Freelancers currently make up approximately 35% of the U.S. job market. With an increase in the job market, there are specific tools that freelancers can use to optimize their productivity. These tools provide the capability for companies to connect with employees in an innovative way through new remote work technologies. 

1. Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing is a tool that makes freelance work more practical. It allows for a quick meeting in the comfort of your own home and makes it possible to connect with clients and colleagues across the globe, meaning that there are no limits to where you can base your office as a freelancer. You can also connect with more than one person at once using video facilities, which allows you to conduct a large-scale meeting as if you were sat around a conference table. Smartphone applications like Slack also make networking easy, since you can simply connect using direct messaging, calls or video comms. All of these types of software make it possible to stay apprised of project details and become informed of any changes that might need to be made. Not convinced? Here are 5 more benefits of video conferencing

Need a conferencing app? Here 5 options I suggest you check out:

2. Time Management Products

Staying organized is important when it comes to freelancing as you can be tackling many projects at once. One of my favorite apps to help me stay on top of time management is Due. This app works by detecting how and when you utilize your time as a freelancer. Aside from allowing you to schedule your day better, it is also a useful tool when you’re billing on a per hour basis. It’s easy to use, as all you have to do is initiate the timer, and a new session will begin. While you’re working on a project, you can use this app to produce invoices.

Here are 3 more apps you can try:

3. Cloud Services

Cloud computing has become an essential feature for freelancers as important client or project information can be backed up and stored securely. The remote nature of the cloud allows you to access your data from anywhere so long as there is a reliable internet connection in place. A cloud service ensures freelancers won't experience irreparable damage in the event of a computer crashing or other technological emergencies. 

Two of the top business cloud storage platforms are Carbonite and Crashplan, but if you’re looking for a free option, Google Drive will likely do the trick. Want more info? Here's a giant guide to cloud services.

In order to be a successful freelancer, you need to efficiently manage your workload. By making the most of the innovative productivity tools that are on the market, you will be able to carve a great career for yourself in your chosen niche. 


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