Follower Growth Advice from Influencers

Follower Growth Advice from Influencers

Here's a round up of some awesome advice from actual influencers on how they grew their followers quickly and organically. Because who knows better?

DIY home renovators and parents of super adorable baby girl Polly @chrislovesjulia compiled their best advice for growing a following quickly.  We'll review their top rules below, but you should read their full post here to benefit fully from their sage advice. 

  1. Use a good camera, not just your phone
  2. Use filters, but use them carefully
  3. Stick to your niche
  4. Post judiciously
  5. Show your face
  6. Tagging sources is better than using hashtags
  7. Interact with followers and provide useful info
  8. Pay attention to what works and what doesn't
  9. Ask followers to tag their friends
  10. Give engagement, don't just ask to get it

Social maven @Melyssa_griffin spends her time teaching "online entrepreneurs and bloggers how to make their passions profitable." So you can be sure that her follower growth tips are pro-level.  Read her full 11 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following here. Here's the general rundown:

  1. Like photos in your niche
  2. Create a theme for your photos
  3. Socialize
  4. Create your own hashtag
  5. Run a contest
  6. Cross promote your Instagram on other social channels
  7. Give your followers "calls to action" 
  8. Geotag your photos
  9. Figure out what your audience likes
  10. Link your Instagram account on your other accounts
  11. Ask popular users to collaborate

Ashley, founder of the wildly successful and super saccharine studio Sugar & Cloth, put together this video about how she uses Instagram Stories to gain more followers. 

What's your favorite piece of follower growth advice? 


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