4 CTAs You Can Use to Foster Engagement

4 CTAs You Can Use to Foster Engagement

A lot of people like to blast the Instagram algorithm for preventing their followers from seeing content. But getting your content in front of people’s eyes is only half of the battle-- once you’re there, you have to make sure people will actually engage

First things first, you need to make sure that your content is authentic and that your photos are high quality. From there, you should start including some CTAs (calls to action) in your captions to help spark more engagement. 

Here’s a list of CTAs you can use to get more people commenting on and liking your posts, on any social channel:

Ask for suggestions.

If you’re traveling somewhere, ask for suggestions on places to eat/shop/stay. If you’re looking for a new work backpack, ask your followers where they got their favorite backpack. If you need some new jams, ask for music suggestions. People love to give their opinions, so ask for them! Like the time I asked for gym suggestions in Philadelphia. 

Ask about their favorite things. 

This can be the generic get-to-know-you sort of questions (favorite movie, ice cream, tv series, and so on) or you can spice it up with a comedic topic. Like this lady who asked about favorite professional clapbacks. 

Or Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo asking about favorite childhood food memories. 

Ask about things they hate.

Now, we want to keep things upbeat, so ask about light hearted things they hate. Like most hated business jargon, or biggest pet peeve. It’s easy to get people really going on their annoyances. Just be careful that it doesn’t become one huge downer fest. 

Ask about their lives.

Ask questions related to your captions to bring people into the conversation. If you're talking about your home renovation projects, ask what your followers have renovated in their own homes. If you're talking about your health journey, ask about how your followers have overcome their own health struggles. If you're talking about raising your children, ask your followers about their experiences raising children. Chelsea from @somedayilllearn asks questions almost everyday, so look to her for solid inspiration. 

Ask trivia questions.

You can ask traditional trivia questions, like about pop culture or history, or you can ask trivia questions about yourself. Think of things like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar. For example, I’ve seen weight lifters ask their followers “how much weight do you think is on the bar?” or foodies ask “how many tacos do you think I ate?” If you can offer a prize to the first person to guess right, even better! 

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