9 Online Courses To Help You Step Up Your Digital Influencer Game

9 Online Courses To Help You Step Up Your Digital Influencer Game

The internet is full of information and opportunities to learn new skills and strategies. Armed with Google, you can teach yourself to do nearly anything. However, there’s just so much out there that it can get overwhelming real quick. 

This is why online courses can be beneficial. Sure, you can find a ton of free resources about how to use your DSLR on manual mode, but you’re going to spend a lot of time sorting through the noise to find the most clear and comprehensive tutorials. You may not even have any concept of what sorts of things you need to learn-- if that’s the case, how will you know what you should be searching for? 

Taking an online course removes all of the guesswork, saves you time, and may even provide you with a supportive online community (like a Facebook group). 

Here are 9 courses--some free, some paid-- that you may find useful depending on your niche and business model. 

1. Build a Profitable Blog [Free]

Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur offers a boatload of free content, and this email course is a good place to start if you’re interesting in blogging.

2. Intro to Photography, a.k.a. Reddit Photoclass [Free]

If you’re totally new to photography or need to brush up on manual settings and post processing basics, this free class by professional adventure photographer Alex Buisse has you covered.

3. Make Things Make Money: The Business of Illustration and Lettering [$99]

Freelance hand lettering artist Dina Rodriguez shares all of the tricks of her trade in this course, from honing your craft and attracting clients to business models and pricing your work.

4. Freelancing Foundations [Free*] 

If you’re taking the leap to becoming a full time freelancer, this class will guide you through some of those trickier tasks like funding your startup, getting the proper licenses and permits, and finding work through agencies. 
*A lot of local library memberships offer free access to Lynda courses, so get a library card and peruse Lynda’s 1,000s of courses. 

5. Creative Class [$300]

This course, led by kickass designer + writer Paul Jarvis, is the all encompassing solution to your freelancing business woes-- suitable for new or seasoned freelancers. It’s only available for enrollment a few times per year, but you can sign up to be notified when it is. 

6. Your Biz on Autopilot [Free]

As a digital professional, automation should become one of your best friends. This course from Think Creative Collective will introduce you to some automation strategies to help you reclaim your time.

7. Craft Photography Fundamentals [$99*] 

If you have a handmade business, photographing your products well is key. This course will help you level up your craft photography game, and hopefully, lead to more conversions. 
*Currently on sale for $39 until 9/27

8. Digital Bravery [$394]

This course, led by Jaclyn of Blog Society, teaches “fearless” digital marketing to creative minds. Digital Bravery cuts through the noise to make sure you feel energized and focused, and to help you fall in love with marketing and social media again. 

9. Land Brand Partnerships [$15]

This course, one of our own, shows you how to land paid brand collaborations without hiring an agency or signing up for an influencer network. We walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, from pitch to project conclusion.

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