Top 5 Client Complaints About Influencers

Top 5 Client Complaints About Influencers

We work with world class brands-- like Hershey's and Reebok world class-- and we have for years. So we get frustrated when we see influencers repeating the same mistakes over and over across campaigns. Want to nail your next brand collaboration? Learn these 5 things, fast. 

1. They don’t stick to timelines

We often have influencers reply after a campaign deadline, when we’ve already recruited someone else to take their place. Or they will turn in content late, post significantly after our agreed posting date. This gives clients the impression that influencers are flaky and unprofessional. Even worse, when a client has strict campaign timelines, we cannot compensate influencers for posts they make outside of those timeline windows because they do not count towards the client’s goals.

Part of the great lifestyle advantages of working independently is freedom, but that also requires discipline. Make sure you’re sticking to timelines, if you can’t it’s usually not a big deal as long as you communicate with the coordinator so that the client stays up to date and knows when to expect your content.


2. They don’t follow ALL of the directions

This is the kicker, the queen bee, the holy grail of all complaints. This is the origin of every other client complaint. When influencers just don’t read the damn directions.

We work to provide all of the client expectations, content types, required tags, do’s and don’t, approval dates, etc. in a neat webpage for influencers so they can quickly reference it. We send reminders that recap the most important pieces... and influencers still don’t read all the way through. If an influencer does 90% of the project correctly, but they mess up one important brand detail or shoot photos of the wrong product-- we have to ask them to redo the whole project. Reading all of the directions ahead of time and making sure you’re following them is a surefire way to make your projects successful, time-efficient and thus more profitable to you.


3. They don’t communicate consistently

We alluded to this in number 1… When influencers go incommunicado, it is impossible to keep our clients updated on campaign progress. Sometimes we have to assume that an influencer who is not answering our emails is just no longer interested in participating in the program.


4. They include other brands in the content

We try to make sure that our posting guidelines provide specific do’s and don’ts for branded content, but unless a brand has agreed to be part of a “round up” style post… it is common courtesy to leave other brands out. It doesn’t matter if the brands are non-competitive with your client. Typically if another brand is pictured or mentioned in a brand’s commissioned content two negative things happen: the brand’s message is diluted and the brand isn’t able to reuse the content on their web or social.


5. They delete content before agreed upon date

Brands frequently go hunting for a post they loved, ready to repost to their follower base, only to find that the influencer has deleted the branded content. This is a bummer for both you and the brand, you miss out on the exposure of the brand extending your content and name dropping you. The brand misses out on the beautiful content you created, and that they paid you for. Sometimes an influencer will delete content before the agreed up on campaign date is over, in that case we cannot fully compensate influencers for the campaign. It’s a bummer. Just make sure that if you want to delete branded content from your channels, you have covered your bases: agree on a date with the client, provide the client with a JPG so that they can use the content they have paid for even if you remove it from your channel.

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