Free Tools: Toggl

Free Tools: Toggl

Free Tools: Toggl

What is it

 Toggl is a web based time-tracking and reporting app.

Cheaper/easier/quicker than

Hubstaff, Timely, Hours

Why you should use it

Toggl takes your timesheets to the next level. With your choice of a browser or system application, you can use Toggl’s timer to track the amount of time you are spending on a given task or project. When you start working on a task, click the start button, and a ticking clock will keep you aware of where your time is going. Not only will you effectively and intuitively track your time, but Toggl will also help motivate you to stay on task. The app is free to use, although certain feature upgrades will cost you $10+ per month. 


Toggl’s reporting system will help you understand what tasks and projects are eating up your time, and what could use more attention. You can also export timesheets to send to clients and coworkers. 

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