Should You Switch to an Instagram Business Account?

Should You Switch to an Instagram Business Account?

Pros and Cons of Switching to an Instagram Business Account

There have been a ton of shakeups in the Instagram world lately, and many influencers are asking whether they should switch to a business account. In their official announcement of the feature, Instagram said that it was designed in response to the most common needs of businesses using the platform. Through research and interviews “three key needs became clear—stand out, get insights and find new customers.”  Many Instagrammers are looking for the same features: to differentiate, analyze and gain new brand partnerships. 


Contact Button  

Allows fans and brands to get in touch with you by your pre-determined method, either phone call, text, or email.


This is a real goldmine. Insights will give you access to demographic information about your follower base as well as information about post performance. This will allow you to tailor your content directly to your audience’s lifestyle and preferences.

Insights include: 

  • Total impressions for the week
  • Top 7 recent posts
  • Impressions, reach and engagement for each of the top posts of the past week
  • What days of week and times of day your followers are on Instagram
  • Gender breakdown of your following
  • Age range of following
  • Top locations of followers 

You can now confidently answer questions from brands about the value and relevance of your following. Plus these metrics may help you conquer the new algorithm, by allowing you to learn what content is performing the best so you can create more of that content-- thus increasing your engagement and theoretically pumping you up in the algorithm. 

Access to Promoted Posts

Having a business account will allow you to boost out posts that are performing well, encouraging audience engagement. This will also provide a way for influencers to grow their accounts-- the promoted posts will include a CTA to follow the promoted account. 


Contact Button

Yep. We listed this as both a pro and a con. You can currently control how easily you want brands and fans to be able to reach you. This feature will make it much easier, possibly increasing the rate of inquiries but also maybe decreasing the quality of those contacts.

Promoted Posts-- Double Edged Sword?

As with Facebook promoted posts, there is the fear that traditional organic posts from Instagram accounts will suffer in the new algorithm. Marketers have long cried the woes of exposure and organic engagement rates on business pages-- it is just harder to grow those accounts since the platform differentiated between a personal profile and a business page. There is good reason to fear that those same circumstances could be headed for Instagram. Some creators have complained after switching account types that they’ve seen their engagement drop.

 At this point you can still try out the new account format and switch back if you don’t like it. So it’s worth exploring. If you do decide to switch, here’s how. 

Have you made the switch to a business account? What was your experience? 

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