2017 Influencer Marketing Predictions

2017 Influencer Marketing Predictions

We're looking ahead. 

Influencer marketing saw a huge bump in popularity in 2016, and it’s expected to grow even more in 2017. The social media marketing industry is evolving faster than ever, which is why it’s important to stay on top of the industry changes coming in the New Year. We’re here to help you stay on top of those changes-- maybe even be ahead of the curve. Here’s what we see coming heading into 2017. 

Marketers investing more in influencer marketing

You probably saw-- or heard about that “60 Minutes” report on influencer marketing. Basically mainstream media is rapidly taking notice of influencer marketing and people like you-- making awesome branded content-- are becoming more familiar to average consumers (even 60 minutes watchers). As with any smart marketing tactic, the brands are moving to where the audiences live. The result: marketers are investing more in influencer marketing.

Our prediction: This popularity will cause influencer marketing to grow rapidly, relative to other marketing tactics in 2017.

New Emphasis on authentic influencer identification

Brands are (finally) starting to realize that having somebody with a large following pose with their products for a selfie isn’t really the point of influencer marketing. The novelty of the “exposure” factor is wearing off and brands are starting to think about this investment differently than traditional media buys-- where you’re buying a guaranteed set of eyes from a specific demographic, like when brands place radio or TV commercials. 

Our prediction: Brands will move away from big “network” influencer groups towards more authentic matchmaking services. They will move the focus away from impressions towards content quality. 

Brands giving influencers more room to create

As a side effect of the previous predictions-- brands getting more familiar with influencer marketing as a tool, and starting to understand value of authentic matches-- brands should also start to loosen up the reigns a little. The days of super-scripted influencer content and pre-made images provided to influencers for distribution, should be waning. Brands are starting to realise the negative backlash that creators receive for poorly or inauthentically branded posts. 

Our prediction: Brands will move toward more natural content styles, allowing influencers more creative freedom and reducing overtly-branded post requirements.

ore brands using influencers for content creation

Brands are expected to fill human roles on social media-- posting consistently across channels, maintaining conversations, responding to complaints and providing value. Brand managers and social media pros know that this is a huge content demand to keep up with. Additionally, it is hard to make brands feel personal. 
Influencers are an awesome way to fill the gap for content creation demand while also introducing the human factor into the imagery. Influencer-produced content typically performs better than stock photography and also helps consumers visualize brands integrating into their lives. 

Our prediction: Brands will start to engage more influencers for content production-- to be shared from branded platforms-- and will develop more campaigns with specific influencers/influencer styles in mind. Influencers will become less supplementary and more integral to overall brand campaign planning.